Blue Mountains Trail with Renee "She-ra" Patrick

February 17, 2022 Lori Prima, Renee Patrick Season 5 Episode 22
Blue Mountains Trail with Renee "She-ra" Patrick
Show Notes

Renee chats with Lori about her hike and ground truthing of Oregon's Blue Mountains Trail.
She is a triple crown hiker and also the Program Coordinator at Oregon Natural Desert Association. 

She is responsible for establishing the 750-mile Oregon Desert Trail, shaping its future, and inspiring others to get out and explore the high desert as much as possible. In addition, Renee leads ONDA’s independent stewardship program and is working to educate and inspire others to experience our desert landscapes responsibly.

In this episode that features the Blue Mountains Trail, listeners will learn about some of the history, geography and what to expect on this 500+ mile route through Northeast Oregon.

The Blue Mountains Trail is an immersive adventure through the diverse interconnected eco-regions that comprise the Greater Hells Canyon Region. The trail will take you deep into the mountains, forests, rivers, ecosystems, and communities of northeast Oregon. It shares the living history of why the Blue Mountains are ecologically unique and more parts of it deserve permanent protection.

For trail specifics, maps and news check out Greater Hells Canyon Council and their trail page for centralized resources (including trail town guides!)

Also read Renee Patrick's article she wrote on the history of the Blue Mountains Trail for Katabatic Gear here.

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